American Girl Doll Club…

I am so excited to write this post.  We decided a long time ago that we would not be participating in Girl Scouts due to their partnership/affiliation with planned parenthood.   That being said, I still have wanted something for Merideth to be involved in that is girls only.  I was reading a weekly homeschool wrap-up here one week and the mom mentioned an American Girl Doll book club that her daughter was involved in.  I instantly knew that this was the idea or thing that I had been looking for, and since Merideth already loves American Dolls it would be a perfect fit for us.  I called my friend Becca and told her what I was thinking and she was on board too.  Our plans and research began immediately and our little club was quickly off the ground.  We are both in the same small, homeschool group with some moms from our church and we decided that would be where we would start with inviting girls to our group.  While we want there to be a good number of girls we also don’t want it to be huge, just due to the space of having the meetings in our homes.  We decided to start with Felicity.  I began doing research for ideas of activities that we could do in addition to our book club discussion and found many great ideas at this blog.  I am so thankful for creative moms that I can steal  borrow ideas from :o  I found colonial girl paper dolls here and what was meant to be an opening activity turned into a much longer activity than I anticipated.  The girls were really into coloring their dolls and filling out a nickname sheet that I typed up with all of their friends’ nicknames on it.  Before making our craft we talked about clothing in colonial days, Felicity’s choices (sometimes good, sometimes bad), and all of the girls loved talking about Penny the horse.  In keeping with the theme of  Felicity’s time period we made mob hats and decorated straw hats to wear over them. After making our hats we had a tea party.  We enjoyed fruit pizzas  and delicious tea.  The girls were so funny!  They talked with accents and practiced proper tea party etiquette with no help from the mommies.  The girls had a great time at our first book club meeting.  I am so thankful that I have such great friends who also have daughters that are close to my daughter’s age.  The girls have already decided that when we finish the Felicity books, that they would like to do Kit next.  Here is the blog that has all of the American Girl Doll Club Ideas on it.

Mer and Julianna working on their paper dolls….

Bailey had some extra books that she wanted to give away as door prizes, Emily  was the winner of her first door prize….

Working on the mob caps….

Finishing up….

Waiting patiently to make her fruit pizza….

Bailey and Morgan….

Sweet sisters, Julianna and Emily….

Emily and Emma….

Merideth wanted to demonstrate how Felicity wore her hat when she was indoors….

Leading the book discussion and modeling Mer’s hat….

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